Heated Concrete: Added Warmth for Your Surfaces

Concrete technology has never been so accessible or advanced, making now a great time to add heated concrete to the spaces where you live, work, or relax outdoors. These heating systems keep you warm and snug throughout long Montana winters. Forget cold feet from ice cold floors! Heated flooring also efficiently manages indoor temperatures and can make your patio usable in all four seasons. It’s easy to install and adds value and comfort to any home, workplace, or outdoor space.

What You Need to Know about Heated Concrete

There are a couple of ways to go about heating concrete. We can either heat your floor by pumping hot water through tubes running underneath the cement, or we can provide the heat through the use of electrical coil heating elements. One of the best parts of heated concrete floors is that they usually reduce the price of heating your home.

Once your home is being heated from the ground up, it will get warm and stay warm more efficiently. Because heat rises, this system is a great solution not only for cold feet but for the whole house from top to bottom. Heated floors also provide the added bonus of doing away with the recycled air of old heating systems and the noise associated with old furnaces. Despite having a revolutionary and cutting-edge new system in place, you will still be able to control the temperature with a thermostat.

At A-Concrete, we will help you get the biggest bang for your buck by assessing the current conditions of the location of your new heating system to decide which coil method is right for you. We will consider the size of the flooring and scope of the project, the structure itself, as well as the eventual energy costs to make the most helpful recommendation possible. Know that we take into account the many factors at play before any installation in order to help you make the most out of this new innovation.

We can even install a heating system for existing concrete floors! Regardless of your particular situation, we can come up with a practical solution whether it involves installing new concrete or simply adding on thinner layers of concrete with built-in coils. We have plenty of tricks up our sleeves to provide you with the best system at the lowest cost.

Your Utility Bill with Heated Concrete Flooring

One of the best parts about heated concrete flooring is how much it reduces your heating bill. Because the coils are placed evenly throughout the entire floor plan, and because concrete does such a great job absorbing heat (think of a warm sidewalk on a hot summer’s day), these systems require far less energy. Heated concrete is not only easy on the toes, it creates cozy spaces from floor to ceiling.

Heated concrete flooring creates evenly heated rooms. The majority of houses have central air systems that blow hot air out of vents in a certain spot in a room, creating a vaccum effect by forcing air up out of the ceiling before it gets sucked out of a different vent. This means that certain parts of the room are always a lot warmer than others. Because the heating elements in concrete floors are spread evenly across the entire floor plan, all four corners of every room are warm and enjoyable.

Heated concrete warms spaces evenly and effectively. Pay less to heat your home while enjoying a much more pleasant, comfortable interior. Because of the quality of our heating systems and our expertise in installing them, your new heating system will also last through many more winters than other methods.