Family owned in billings, Montana.

At A-Concrete we believe every business is built on people—people make the difference. But what does this mean for you and your concrete project? Well, for starters, we always answer the phone! Sounds like the bare minimum, right? Well, you’d be surprised how many companies in this industry operate with nothing more than a cellphone in their pocket. At A-Concrete, from first time you call us you can count on having a friendly, professional conversation with someone at our customer service desk. We are always happy to hear from current and future clients. Good communication from the start is what keeps our work flowing efficiently.

A-Concrete is local family-owned business. Owner, Mark Schiffner has been working in construction his entire life and has been pouring concrete since he was a kid. His experience and expertise forms the foundation of A-Concrete, where we pride ourselves on pricing jobs honestly, refusing to cut corners like our competition does to keep their own costs down, and doing our due diligence on the job.

We always ask ourselves the same question: “If you’re not going to do it right, what’s the point in doing it?”

Mark Schiffner
Willard Schiffner




Sleeping baby? Underground sprinklers? We make sure to accomodate your needs.


Our dedicated project manager organizes our schedules and takes your calls to keep us focused.


Our crews are 100% licensed and insured. We also carry workman’s comp insurance for our team.

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Our specialty is concrete, but our business is for the people who use it. Whether it serves as the very foundation of your home or business, or whether our stamped concrete finish is the most impressive feature of your outdoor patio, we want you to have a good experience with our product from the moment it’s poured.

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