Replacing Concrete is Part of a Natural Process

Concrete gets old just like the rest of us. As with any organic matter, factors such as the how long your concrete has been around, how well it was preserved, and the degree of wear and tear will determine when it needs to be replaced. Even under the best of circumstances, the time will come when it is necessary to do a replacement job.

If your concrete is worn, broken, chipping, or was just plain ugly to begin with, we can replace it efficiently with effective equipment. Here at A-Concrete, Inc. we are top level professionals, capable of removing old concrete fast and replacing it with a brand new slab that will serve you faithfully for the next 20 years or more. When we introduce a new piece of concrete for our clients, we love to take the opportunity to render the project even more eye-catching with our coloring and stamping techniques. No matter what we use to replace your concrete, and whenever you call on us to do so, we will make sure to pour and fashion you with a solid and dependable piece of concrete to serve your needs for over the next decades. Regardless of the size of the job, we would love the opportunity to provision you with a lovely new piece of flatwork that will go above and beyond your expectations.

How Long Replacement Takes

At A-Concrete, we keep our timeline manageable so that you don’t have to put off replacing your concrete any longer than you already have. We know what a hassle it can be to work around a construction site with its heavy machinery and the restrictions that wet concrete imposes on your freedom of movement on your property. This can by especially trying for folks with a business to run, or for those living with small children and elderly family members. With this in mind, we work fast and effectively, replacing your concrete as speedily as possible while maintaining the highest standards in the finished product.

The turnaround time for a concrete replacement project can be as quick as a day or two, depending on its scope. We make the most of our time on the job by having versatile and experienced technicians who are capable of overseeing both the removal and the replacement processes. We handle all the aspects of the job, so our customers don’t have to break a sweat. After removing the old concrete, we pour the replacement slab based on what the client has previously indicated they want in order to fulfill their vision and offer them the highest possible return on their dollar. By hiring A-Concrete, you can rest easy knowing that old slab will be replaced by something new and beautiful in the blink of an eye, leaving you with something you’ll love right from start and well into the future.

When to Replace vs to Repair

An essential aspect of concrete replacement is the ability to assess when we would better serve you by repairing your concrete or by doing a full replacement of the existing slab. Your best option is replacement when there is structural damage, when the concrete is considerably worn down, and whenever your concrete has reached the age where it is doing more harm than good.

Replacing your concrete is your best bet to ensure the longevity of your home and work structures. We recommend completely replacing old concrete as a smart way of maintaining your property. We suggest smaller-scale repairs of concrete only in instances where the concrete was poured recently or incurred minor damages directly after the slab was put in place. Our specialists at A-Concrete are always happy to meet in person and look into the best way forward for your and your property. We look forward to customizing our services to fit the needs of you and your property.

Is it time to replace your concrete?

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