How Do We Prepare Concrete?

A lot of customers come to us feeling frustrated, and we understand why. We regularly see projects where recently poured concrete, at times only a few months prior, was not laid correctly and is already causing problems. We’ve seen it all, from cracks at the central joint to chemical spills that leave behind stains and permanent marks. The majority of repair jobs involve taking care of smaller-scale, cosmetic issues to blemished concrete where property-owners want an easy fix without breaking the bank.

For these smaller issues that don’t require the removal of the concrete slab, we usually suggest a straightforward concrete repair. More affordable than a replacement, a repair job does not involve demolishing and taking out the existing slab. To avoid a project of that scale, we work to improve the concrete’s surface and do repairs on the central joints of the flatwork to make sure your concrete comes out looking good and will continue to last. For smaller problems with your concrete, we recommend concrete repair. A-Concrete technicians are always happy to explain possible end results of any repair along with our suggestions for your project.

Deciding on Concrete Repair

The first and most important question we have to answer is if your concrete issue can be fixed with a simple repair, or whether it merits a full replacement. Here are the factors we consider before offering you our final recommendations:

The scope and severity of the issue:

Concrete is meant to take a lot of wear and tear. With minor damage such as scrapes, divots, crumbling, and even stains are fairly easy to eliminate with a simple repair. If the issue you’re facing stems from below the surface, however, we consider it our responsibility to offer more lasting solutions, including replacement.

The structural integrity of the concrete:

If the structure of a concrete slab is compromised, it threatens to create problems for your property at large. This is why we encourage our clients to demolish and replace structurally damaged slabs instead of a less effective short-term solution.

Coloring or Stamping:

A simple fill of colored or stamped concrete will ruin the pattern and coloring, leaving you with an eyesore on the surface of the concrete you invested in. Instead of creating an eyesore in the midst of your flatwork, we often recommend a full replacement.

Every client has different needs for their concrete, however. Contact us to get the best team on the job, and we will do our part to create a custom solution for your concrete.

How long repairs take

Most repairs are over and done with before you know it. For most repair jobs, all we need to do is remove the affected area, edge off the new areas to repair them, and pour in new concrete. You can depend on our professionalism and expertise to get the repair taken care of right on the first try.

While some services will tell you to take care of the repair on your own, we would caution you not to overlook the effectiveness and high-quality results that we provide you with our state-of-the-art tools and our knowledge of how to use them. Allow us to do our job so you can get back to yours—enjoying your concrete!