Colored Concrete in Central Montana

Colored concrete is the new gray! Let us work to find the right look for your concrete and color it so that it brings out the color pallet of your home or business.

Newly stained concrete will vary in color from previously poured or replaced slabs, which is why we strongly discourage our customers from trying to replace single sections of colored concrete in the case of a crack in a central joint or other issue requiring repair or replacement.

The Possibilities of Colored Concrete

What do you think of when you imagine a piece of concrete? It’s probably something plain gray and plain uninspiring! Utilitarian concrete, used for infrastructure and foundations, is nothing that merits being the centerpiece of a building or landscape. But that doesn’t mean that concrete can’t be the basis of that beautiful feature, because here at A-Concrete we specialize in something a lot more exciting—colored concrete!

The best thing about colored concrete is the huge assortment of colors that you can choose from. We can whip up almost any color you can think of to infuse your concrete with a look unique to you and your tastes. You’re sure to make neighbors and rivals alike terribly jealous when they see the gorgeous colors we produce for your new flatwork. With our in-depth knowledge of concrete, our team implements the top industry standards to pour you something that can come in a wide variety of hues and create the perfect look in your home and garden. A-Concrete’s goal is to make sure you find the perfect shade of concrete for your home or project.

Whether in combination with the textures and patterns of stamped concrete or simply in harmony with the rest of your structures and landscaping, colored concrete is sure to tie it all together.

How Does Concrete Coloring Work?

We color the cement right when it is freshly poured. We can alter the color of the original gray concrete in one of two ways. Either we add the color you have in mind to the mix that we prepare in the truck to create an even hue throughout the entire slab, or we apply colored hardening powder to the slab once its been poured. The latter option evenly alters the color of the top layers, though the color will not penetrate uniformly into the deeper layers of the slab.

Between the shading that our manufacturers provide and our expert mixing techniques, we are confident that we’ll find the tint and shade of the color that’s right for your project. If you have a particular color in mind, let us know so we can get to work producing the closest possible match. Another excellent option that you have with colored concrete is stamped concrete to bring the hue of the cement out even more with complementary textures and patterns. These two techniques bring out the best in each other. While laying a traditional material like new brick or flagstone can be very expensive, with colored and stamped concrete we can achieve the same effect with more durable materials at a much more reasonable price.

Maintaining Colored Concrete

There are a few tips you should know about caring for colored concrete. Pouring colored concrete at different times will lead to variations and your colors won’t appear uniform. That’s why it’s important to pour all colored concrete at once, maintaining the consistency of the shade as we do so.

Another thing that can cause color variation is adding on new layers or filling cracks in concrete. For this reason, we discourage our clients from adding new layers on sections of colored concrete even for cracks that occur outside the central joint. To avoid this dilemma, we suggest sealing colored concrete as needed. Just as with stamped concrete, this seal can be initially applied four weeks after we pour the concrete. Reapply the same seal annually or biannually to make the uniformity and depth of the color last for up to twenty years! Even through snowy Montana winters, avoid ice melt and clear fresh snow early and often. You can keep your colored concrete clean with the use of mild detergent and a pressure washer.

The best part of colored concrete is how long it lasts. With the proper upkeep, the depth and beauty of the color you choose will delight you long into the future.